Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Cinderella Party

We threw our four year old the ultimate Cinderella Birthday Party. Below are some of the pictures and details.
Prince Charming, Fairy God Mommy, Cinderella,Poor Cinderella 
The costumes (for the family) were all sewn by me. For the Prince Charming costume, I followed the great tutorial by Ashley at Make it & Love it ( I did not make hubby's pants, they are store bought. I had to hand sew gold ribbon down the side. The shirt was a store bought shirt and I carefully picked off the collar and pocket then added the embellishments. For the Cinderellas, I used store bought patterns and added embellishments. Poor Cinderella is a basic peasant dress pattern with a half apron. The Fairy God Mommy is just a quick skirt and a the cape is a circle skirt with an attached hood (lined with pink) and ribbon made using the circle skirt tutorial by Dana over at Made
The Princesses came to us from Enchanted Entertainment ( They look like the real deal. In fact one of the Princesses is my kid's Sunday school teacher, she could not even tell that it was her! The backdrop is made of PVC Pipe and 4 yards of fabric (tutorial later).
Princesses all done up and posing with the "real" ones. You can see what they did to transform below
 I started the party an hour before the Princesses came over and fed the girls a snack of grilled cheese and smoothies.
Strawberry banana smoothies in 6 oz baby food jars with paper straws
 The wall hangings were colored copies of vintage Cinderella movie posters. The backdrop is extra large foam board covered with a Cinderella storybook panel. I love milk glass so I just used my cake stands and some vases from my collection to hold food as well as some vintage blue mason jars. I had chocolate and strawberry dipped Oreo, pretzel rods, Nutter Butters, large marshmallows, striped long cookies. I also picked up some gorgeous lollipops. I sewed the pennant banner with the same Cinderella fabric I did for the step and repeat (photo backdrop).
My dessert display. 
 Here is one of the place settings. I used thrifted vintage china with pink flowers and topped it with my party favors. I spray painted the lids of baby food jars. Used some E6000 to stick on Cinderella cupcake toppers and filled it with Sixlets.
Party favors. Baby food jars with lids painted.
The Pinata was a Cinderella pinata from the pinata district in Downtown LA.
 I really put the Princesses to work for us (they charge by the hour). Aside from story time and playing games, the Princesses helped me recreate the Bibbity Boobidy Botique experience (and then some) for the Princesses.
Snow White the glitter tattoo artist

Cinderella doing hair

Rapunzel giving manicures

My kid had  a great time at her party with her little friends. The Princesses made it so magical for her. Let me know if you have any questions on any of the party specifics.


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