Monday, September 16, 2013

Welcome to my Blog

After years of contemplating, I have decided to start a blog about the things I do as a housewife. I plan on sharing tutorials for my creative endeavors, some thrift finds, recipes, Pinterest hit and misses and just other things that may be interesting to someone.

I have been thinking for sometime about the name for my blog. I have always struggled with my role as a house wife. I always thought I would be a ball busting corporate girl with a big and fancy title and the pay to match it. But silly me, God had other plans for my life. Before we got engaged, my husband and I rededicated our lives to the Lord. After being Catholic for 26 years, I thought I was a "pretty good" Christian. Then came the true test of my faith and obedience to the Lord. We got pregnant on our honeymoon (thanks to all the advice everyone was giving us to try right away) and had a baby before we were even married for a year. Her story is here:

So here I am today basically throwing all my education out the door and being reeducated in the fine arts of home economics. I won't lie, I hated it for a long time. Until I went to my first woman's retreat. They gave us these stones that had one single word written on it. Mine was "ENJOY". I thought "God, you gotta be kidding me, I am a housewife with a CPA and Masters degree and not only do you want me to be obedient but I have to ENJOY?!?" I was quite upset at the stone I received. But from that retreat I learned that I had to enjoy my time at home so my family could benefit from my even being at home. My change of heart, changed my home, it was cleaner, happier, and more organized.

The name of the blog stems from Proverbs 31:10-31 about the virtuous wife. She is basically the biblical woman we all love to hate. Perfect in every way (like Mary Poppins but better). Any woman who has her kids and husband call her "blessed" is who I want to be.

The next part of the name of the blog is WIFE. To walk the Christian walk, we must prioritize the way God wants us to. Our priorities are supposed to be GOD, Spouse, Children... But many times, we forget and put God in the back burner and we put our children before the spousie. Let me tell you from experience though, if you put your kids before the spouse, then the marriage turns unhappy and the kids will be unhappy. And if you do not put God first, how are you supposed to get along with a spouse? God first always wins.  So when did being called a "house wife" become so wrong? "Stay at Home Mom" or "SAHM" is the new politically correct term. I never want to forget my first ministry of being a wife 1st, Mommy 2nd. Without my husband, I cannot even be a stay at home mom.

The "fo'" part of the name is just a little shout out to growing up during the gangsta rap era. And it just sounded cool.

And the "life" part is because this is my life. I plan on being his wife until death do us part. Heard someone say once the secret to a long marriage is not to divorce. Oh so true. The happy marriage part I believe can be attained.

Welcome family and friends to 31 Wife fo' Life.



  1. Congratulations on starting your blog! I look forward to reading about your projects and endeavors and keeping up with you and the family. :) -Debbie Chang

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