Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Purple New York Themed Wedding

Hi Friends. Today I wanted to showcase a wedding that I did the planning and day of coordinating for. The bride and groom are from New York but their wedding was going to be in California. Since they met and fell in love in the East Coast, we incorporated a New York theme.

Here is the invitation. We incorporated the New York buildings and the couples custom made monogram. The monogram is inspired by the I love NY t-shirts. Our wonderful graphic designer is Arlene from Madjaz & Love Creative (
The ceremony was an beautiful outdoor ceremony. We used made sure that we could reuse the flowers from the ceremony at the reception.
 Rose petals were scattered on the walk way to match the couple's monogram.

Here is the reception. We had custom lighting made to project on a dark wall. The graphic design used in the invitation was used for the light as well.

We stuck with square shaped vases to keep consistent with our theme because they have the silhouette of New York sky scrappers.

 I wish I could tell you the person who did the flower arrangements but she might kill me. Maybe after this post she will decide to do weddings. ;)

Custom favor tags made by me were created with the logo along with the date of the wedding. We used packaged purple macaroons from a local bakery.

The cake topper was custom made by eBay seller cakebling. It is wooden but custom to match the couple's monogram.

Photography by : Gresham Visuals (

Until next time friends.

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