Monday, October 21, 2013

Fixing Chipped Wood Veneer

Hey friends. This is my first tutorial. I will be showing you the ghetto fabulous way of fixing chipped wood veneer. I love all things vintage and love thrifting unique pieces. Sometimes I come across less than perfect pieces. This sewing desk came with the vintage Singer 500A (review to come) that I purchased. The desk is sturdy and functional but there is a big chip in it.
 As I was at Home Depot today, I saw that they had free laminate flooring samples. I snagged a few that I thought matched the desk. 
I had the Man pry the laminate off the floor sample so that I was left with just a thin piece. He said it was hard to do. I think I should have told him to iron it first so that the heat would loosen the glue (oops!).

Those are his man hands double checking that what he cut fit . (Hey, real men can rock their daughter's princess bandages because their "31" wife (*said with sarcasm) cannot find the adult ones.)

He also pried off some of the wood on the desk so that the laminate piece would fit on there since it was a little thick. Then I used E6000 (the best glue ever) to glue what the hubby cut down for me.
I attempted to have a clamp hold this down for me but the clamp was too thick. So I had to hold it in place for a bit until the glue dried. (Yes, I need a manicure.)
There you have it. Not as big an eye sore as before.  Now if I can just find nicer pulls. I hate the brass.
Until next time friends,

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